Term 2 Acting Up at Camdenville Public School

THE STANDARD TERM FEE IS $237.60 (all prices include GST).

  • The fee quoted above is for a 9 week term of classes.
  • An Early Bird rate of $213.84 applies to all enrolments received on or before 8pm, Sunday 5th May . Full Terms and Conditions apply.
  • Please note that additional credit card charges will apply upon processing of payment. A $5.50 fee will be charged for declined transactions (please see ‘Terms & Conditions’ for full charges).

Instructor: TBC

Students are asked to make their way to the class immediately after the school day where their teacher will meet them. Parents with children attending after school care or TASK will need to notify the centre of their child’s involvement in drama so that the teacher can sign them out for the drama class. We ask that parents who require their children to be collected and signed out, incorporate these details in their online enrolment. Please note that parents are not invited to sit in on weekly classes.