An after-school drama program for primary school students

The Acting Up Program allows students the opportunity to realise their own creative potential, whilst developing unique skills that will carry into every aspect of their lives.

Designed specifically for primary school students, the courses in the Acting Up program provide learning opportunities that are integral to turning the children of today into the leaders of tomorrow. With an emphasis on fun, we provide a secure and supportive environment that allows students to develop the foundations to build invaluable life skills through drama.

There are two streams of the Acting Up Program: Preliminary (ages 4-8) and Elementary (ages 9-12). Streamlined classes mean courses cater for the developmental stage of the students. The courses are designed as a full term program and are fully structured to ensure each child is constantly developing and growing their skills.

Each term has a unique focus on a particular aspect of acting or story-telling. Each class involves a combination of dramatic elements: improvisation, theatre sports, physical movement, devising, character work and story-telling. The Elementary Program builds on these elements with an introduction to text analysis and script writing. Including an element of performance (however small) in every class allows students the opportunity to demystify the dramatic process whilst gaining confidence and stage presence. At the end of each term, parents, friends and members of the school community are invited to attend an informal showing of the work that has been explored during the term. This process provides each child with an invaluable and exciting performance opportunity in a safe and supportive environment.

I enrolled my daughter for fun and to encourage confidence in her. She has found the classes really enjoyable, fun and thought provoking. I’ve noticed huge improvements with her confidence and her interests.

Parent of an Acting Up student, 2016