These Terms and Conditions are applicable for all student attendances (regardless of online enrolment or registration)

Registration and Enrolment


REGISTRATION – the action of entering my personal details in the Sydney Performance Academy customer portal. Enrolment will not incur a charge in any capacity.


ENROLMENT – the act of registering my child in a specific term of Sydney Performance Academy classes. A fee will be incurred should my child continue to attend classes, following the initial Trial class.


I understand that a once-off REGISTRATION must be completed for every child wishing to attend a Sydney Performance Academy class. Upon registering with Sydney Performance Academy, confirmation will be emailed to me.


I acknowledge that once I have completed a once-off registration I will be required to set up an account and password in the Customer Portal so that I can access class information.


Once I have registered my child/children with Sydney Performance Academy, I understand that course ENROLMENT is required each term, in order for my child/children to participate in the term of classes. Enrolment is completed via the Customer Portal.


I understand that students (including TRIAL students) may be refused participation in classes until online registration and enrolment has been completed.


I agree to take full responsibility of my child’s attendance in a Sydney Performance Academy class. I understand that I cannot claim innocence to my child’s attendance in any Sydney Performance Academy classes.



Fees and Payments


POSTING FEES – the act of term fees being designated to a Family Account. Customers will not be charged until an invoice has been received.


I understand that once I have enroled my child/children in a Sydney Performance Academy course, the corresponding fee will be posted to my account. I will receive an invoice via email with the total amount owing on my account. This amount will be charged to my credit/debit card, or will direct debited from my bank account, at least 24 hours after receiving the invoice.


Payments will only be processed once a child has been enroled in a class. Registering my child at Sydney Performance Academy does not constitute for a payment to be processed. I understand that by completing enrolment in a course, I am authorising Sydney Performance Academy to charge the full term fee, plus GST, using the credit/debit card or bank details I have provided upon enrolling with Sydney Performance Academy. I am aware that I must consent to one of these payment options.


I am aware that ADDITIONAL CHARGES will be applied by our payment merchant, Integrapy, when payments made via credit or debit card are processed. Additional fees for Visa and Mastercard payments are: 0.66c + 2.2% of the total amount. Additional fees for AMEX payments are: 0.66c + 4.4% of the total amount. I am aware that ADDITIONAL CHARGES will be applied by Integrapy when payments made via direct debit card are processed. Additional fees are: 0.88c per direct debit transaction. I accept that I will be charged an additional fee of $0.66 for declined credit/debit cards & $5.50 for declined bank accounts transactions.


I hereby acknowledge that all credit/debit card and/or bank account details I have provided are correct and valid. I am aware that it is solely my responsibility to ensure this, and to ensure that there are sufficient funds in my account at the time of receiving the Invoice.


I understand that my child/children may be refused participation in a Sydney Performance Academy course if the corresponding payment has been declined (using my payment details provided).


Sydney Performance Academy reserves the right to vary our fees and charges at any time upon giving 14 days notice.


I am aware that the quoted fee is a NON-NEGOTIABLE TERM RATE. Sydney Performance Academy is under no obligation to make concessions for late enrolments, student absentees or a student’s early departure from the course.


I acknowledge that refunds will only be given with seven days cancellation notice prior to the commencement of the course, minus a $20 administration fee. Any enrolments cancelled within the seven-day period, or at any other time during the term, will be non-refundable.


I understand that in order to be entitled for the Early Bird fee, I must enrol my child in a course before the Early Bird closing date (as specified on our website: www.sydneyperformanceacademy.com). Enroling my child after this date will incur the Standard Fee.


Trial Classes - Little Girls

Trial Classes

Every NEW student is entitled to ONE obligation-free trial class.

I understand that if my child attends a class or classes beyond their initial trial class, he/she will be enroled in the term of classes and Full Term Fees will apply according to the quoted fee at the time of confirmation. Sydney Performance Academy will interpret the repeated participation of my child as a conversion to full term enrolment and the corresponding charges will be applied.

I understand that I will indisputably be charged the Full Term Fee if my child attends Sydney Performance Academy classes beyond his or her trial class.

If a child does not attend subsequent classes beyond their trial class, there will be no fee incurred for the trial-class they have attended. I understand and accept that a free trial class constitutes any initial ActingUp class attended as well as SPA ‘Open Day’ and ‘Bring a Friend Day’.

Once my child has has attended their initial class as a ‘Trial’ student, I will receive an email from Sydney Performance Academy. I understand that I am required to notify Sydney Performance Academy via return email of my child’s intention to continue or discontinue the term of classes. If I fail to notify Sydney Performance Academy prior to the subsequent class, I understand that my child will be automatically enroled in the class and I will indisputably be charged the Full Term Fee.

Code of Conduct and Child Safety

I understand that each student is to be collected after a class only by his or her parent or guardian. I acknowledge that I must advise the Academy staff in advance if my child is to be collected at the end of class by a person other than myself. Sydney Performance Academy takes no responsibility for a student being collected by someone other than a parent or guardian, if I have failed to provide staff with specific pick-up information.

I acknowledge that the personal property of my child is his or her sole responsibility, and I agree that I will not make any claim against Sydney Performance Academy if any part of my child’s property is lost or damaged.

I accept that Sydney Performance Academy reserves the right to refuse admission to any student who presents a disciplinary problem to staff or a threat to the safety and well-being of other students. Unacceptable language or bullying will, under no circumstances, be tolerated and will result in the student being removed from the course with no refund.

I acknowledge that all Sydney Performance Academy classes are nut-free zones and my child is not to carry nuts of any variety with them whilst participating in a Sydney Performance Academy class.

Photographs and Video Footage

I consent to my child being photographed or filmed during a Sydney Performance Academy class, and I consent to any photographs and video footage of my child being used in promotional material for Sydney Performance Academy, including on the website, on social media, in brochures and in any other marketing material.

Code of conduct and child safety