Comprehensive in-school drama classes for students of all ages

Incursions are a terrific opportunity for students to gain exposure to drama. Students engage their imaginations through improvisation, theatre sports and character development. Our class plans cater to students at different stages of development and are designed to help participants build confidence, work collaboratively, develop communication, explore their imagination, unlock their creativity and learn performance skills. Students are introduced to basic acting terminology and performance technique through collaborative exploration of devised scenes. All classes are structured, engaging, nurturing, and taught by industry professionals. We make sure every student is engaged and involved, and working outside their regular friendship circles.

Incursions are offered in 30, 45 and 60 minute classes for a maximum number of 20 students per SPA staff member, and are organised at a time that is suitable to the school.  All we need from the school is a large, open space Рwe provide teaching staff and any additional materials required for the class.

Incursions-Sydney Performance Academy