Hannah Barlow is an actor, filmmaker and visual artist from Sydney, Australia. After being accepted into the National Institute of Dramatic Art, Hannah went on to star in several theatre productions throughout her three years there. In 2013, upon graduation, Hannah was cast in various Sydney theatre productions as well as the TV miniseries, ‘Breaker Morant: The Retrial’. In the same year, Hannah was selected as one of the finalists for the Heath Ledger Scholarship, leading to her relocation to the United States. Recently, Hannah starred in a leading role in an upcoming anthology series, ‘Two Sentence Horror Stories’, to be released by Warner Bros’ new Stage 13 network later this year. Her episode, ‘Guilt Trip’ – directed by Sundance alumni JD Dillard (Sleight) and exec. produced by Sundance alumni Vera Miao – featured in LA Film Festival, TriBeCa and Outfest. She was also cast as the lead role in Evan Cooper’s horror short, ‘The Armoire’, which has won awards and featured in over 15 film festivals in the USA. For Now, a coming- of-age dramedy about four twenty-somethings on a road trip through California, was Hannah’s first feature film as writer, producer and director. For Now has been nominated for best picture and screened at The Hollywood Independent Film Festival, the Ashland Independent Film Festival, Bendfilm Festival, The Portland Film Festival and San Francisco Indie Fest in the USA. For Now premiered in Australia at For Film’s Sake, Australia’s longest running female centric film festival, where Hannah was nominated as one of the top three finalists for the inaugural ‘Big Pineapple Fund’, a $100k filmmaking grant. Hannah is currently producing her second feature film and teaching acting to students of all ages.